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Andrew Wasylyk - Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation Vinyl LP Ltd Assai Edition 2020

Assai Records Exclusive Edition (V2)*
  • Exclusive Obi Strip - Signed by Andrew
  • 20 page Photography booklet
  • Black Vinyl
Fugitive Light & Themes of Consolation is the third in a trio of records by Andrew Wasylyk, the Dundee-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Beautiful instrumentals evoking the landscape of Eastern Scotland, this is a stunningly beautiful piece of work which rewards the listener on repeated listens. For fans of Brian Eno, Olafur Arnalds, Keith Jarrett and Nils Frahm.
Track Listing:
1. A Further Look at Loss
2. LAst Sunbeams of Childhood
3. Fugitive Light Restless Water
4. The Violet Hour
5. Everywhere Something Sublime
6. In Balgay Silhouettes
7. Awoke In The Early Days of A Better World
8. (Half-Light Of) The Cadmium Moon
9. Black Bay Dream Minor
10. Lost, Aglow
*Assai Records Edition - Black Vinyl