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David Bowie - Tonight Vinyl LP Reissue 2019

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Cat no. 0190295692094

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Loving The Alien (2018 Remastered Version)
2. Don't Look Down (2018 Remastered Version)
3. God Only Knows (2018 Remastered Version)
4. Tonight (2018 Remastered Version)

Side B
1. Neighborhood Threat (2018 Remastered Version)
2. Blue Jean (2018 Remastered Version)
3. Tumble and Twirl (2018 Remastered Version)
4. I Keep Forgettin' (2018 Remastered Version)
5. Dancing With The Big Boys (2018 Remastered Version)

Tonight is the sixteenth studio album by David Bowie, originally released on 29 September 1984 by EMI America Records. It followed his most commercially successful album Let's Dance. Out of nine songs, five of them are covers, and three of those covers are of Iggy Pop songs (and while Bowie co-wrote a couple of those a few years prior, Iggy co-writes two of this album's four originals). There is a sense of eeriness, hiding shyly beneath the glossy coat of 80s production and radio-friendly songwriting.