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Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures Vinyl LP 2015

Cat no. RHI465628.1

Track Listing:

1. Disorder
2. Day of the Lords
3. Candidate
4. Insight
5. New Dawn Fades
6. She's Lost Control
7. Shadowplay
8. Wilderness
9. Interzone
10. I Remember Nothing

Released as the 1970's breathed its last, Joy Division's debut album 'Unknown Pleasures' was to define the next generation, and introduce the world to one of the most innovative, evocative, mysterious and spell-binding bands of the twentieth century. The term 'seminal' might as well have been coined with 'Unknown Pleasures' in mind; it is a profound record in every sense, as lead singer Ian Curtis plumbs the very depths of his own alienation and loneliness growing in northern England for sources of inspiration. A seriously affecting listen, and one that will stay with you forever.