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Julian Cope & The Teardrop Explodes Cold War Psychedelia Vinyl LP 2021

Cat no. HH39LP


  1. That’s Where I’m Coming From
  2. Ned Kelly Dawn
  3. Straight Rain
  4. Krankenhaus: Joker’s Birthday Duck Hunt.
  5. Grow Your Hair
  6. Charles XII Of Sweden
  7. You Think It’s Love 82
  8. Unsafe At Any Speed
  9. The Emotional Jungle
  10. Tiny Children
  11. Dave Balfe, What’s Got Into You
  12. You Disappear From View

Exclusive limited vinyl release. Exhilarating! Dynamic! 1982 music from the Death Throes of Liverpool’s maddest band. 42 minutes of it, and nearly all previously unreleased. Instrumentals, mostly, plus fragile earworms from a very distant time. Also check out Side 2’s tumbling musical collage taken from the same 1982 recording sessions – this time, however, they are overladen with Cope’s earliest autobiographical attempts. Yes, herein are contained 1989’s Head-On reflections: spoken word delivered over a mysterious and distinctively Teardrop Explodes Post-Punk sound. Clad in appropriately intriguing packaging? U-Betcha! ‘Doesn’t feature Reward-type hits anywhere herein’!!