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Trees Speak Ohms Vinyl LP Indies White Colour 2021

Cat no. SJRLP453C

White Colour Vin


1. Soul Sequencer
2. Nitrous Cross
3. Shadow Circuit
4. Blame Shifter
5. Spirit Duplicator
6. Nobody Knows
7. Sadness in Wires
8. State of Clear
9. Sleep Crime
10. Knowing
11. Splendid Sun
12. Ohms
13. Out Of View
14. Psychic Wounds
15. Silicone Emotions
16. Octave Cycle
17. Witch Wound

These Are Strictly One-Off Coloured Vinyl Editions Of These In Demand Trees Speak Classic Albums.

When The Band Trees Speak, Coming Out Of Nowhere, Released An Exclusive One-Off 100-Pressing White Label 45, Described As CAN/NEU! Meets Liquid Liquid, It Sold Out So Quickly (In Less Than 30 Minutes) That Soul Jazz Records Decided To Release Their Album Almost Immediately.

Soul Jazz Records Rarely Release New Music But Found The Music Of Trees Speak’s Album ‘Ohms’ So Stunning And To Have So Many Elements Of Music That They Admired That They Felt Compelled To Release It.