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We Were Promised Jetpacks Enjoy The View Vinyl LP Aquamarine Colour Assai Obi Edition 2021

Cat no. BSM302V1A

Limited Assai Records Vinyl Edition

  •  Assai Records Exclusive Japanese OBi*
  •  Aquamarine Colour Vinyl
  •  Hand-numbered*
  •  limited up to 200 copies maximum*

*Exclusive to Assai Records

Multiple orders will be cancelled without notice. No sales/shipping to ebay resellers.


  1. Not Me Anymore
  2. Fat Chance
  3. All That Glittered
  4. Don't Hold Your Breath for Too Long
  5. What I Know Now
  6. If It Happens
  7. I Wish You Well
  8. Blood, Sweat, Tears
  9. Nothing Ever Changes
  10. Just Don't Think About It